Moe the Mushroom Dragon - A digital painting from my ongoing dragon series.
Moe the Mushroom Dragon started out as a small thumbnail.
Moe went through a few variations as a thumbnail
Moe eventually became a more defined sketch.

Then it became time to figure out the mushroom patch Moe lives in.
I brought the mushrooms and dragon together, trying a few different compositions until I found the one I liked.
Once I settled on a composition, I refined the image, still in black and white.
For Moe the Mushroom Dragon, I had a definite colour scheme in mind. Now, It was just a matter of building on my image.
It was about this stage where I couldn't ignore the tangent created where the tip of Moe's horn met the line of Moe's back. I had to adjust it slightly.
Before I call an image done, I do two last things.
First, I look for a critique by someone I can trust to give me an honest opinion. In this case, I ran it passed one of my friends, a talented animator whose eye for detail is invaluable. It was his critique that brought the horn tangent problem to my attention.
Lastly I will do a few test prints, no matter how my monitor is adjusted, it's no comparison to seeing the image printed out.
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