Current Projects
Voyage of the Space Cats
A Graphic Novel written and Illustrated by Ken Rolston
Middle Grade - 208 pages - Full color - Series

Cat-apulted across the galaxy in an experiment gone wrong, the rookie captain of the spaceship Tabitha must rise to his rank and bring the ragtag crew together to outwit an armada of bad dogs if there is any chance of returning to Cat-space.
Currently pitching to Agents and Publishers - Pitch Package
Dad vs the Intermediate Student
Currently in its sixth year and fourth chapter, my ongoing cartoon series documents the adventures of a stay-at-home Dad and his son. (You can find it on social media under the original Dad vs the Threenager name.)
There are new posts every Friday on Instagram, Facebook and Patreon.
The Learning World of Oville - Educational Games For Kids
Co-creator of an educational game for kids on mobile systems. Currently expanding the world and creating more games that take place in Oville World.
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