The Dark Bunny is a project dedicated to my awesome wife, she's cute as a bunny, with a slightly evil side. Everything one could ask for. The Dark Bunny logo was part of a graphic I made for a movie prop used by my wife when she aided a friend with a small indie movie. Since then it has become her personal stamp. The digital painting was the natural next step from the logo to a piece my wife could hang with pride on her office wall.
The process on this piece began with a sketch scanned into the computer. And then cleared with my wife...just to make sure she approved.
Next I had to design the guns to look like something other than squirt guns.
At this time I was working in black and white, adding the colours in after. All digital work on this piece was done in Photoshop. (The signature was added in for this process display. It's not something I want in the image distracting from my process)
In the next stage I start dropping in some colours. I didn't have a colour scheme in mind when I started this one. Sometimes that works, sometimes it ends up biting me in the ass.
Finally I added some texture to give the Dark Bunny a meaner, dirtier look.
Not only did I get my wife a print for her office, I surprised her with a Gelaskin for her phone!
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